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Dodson Shares SPARQ Research in Conversation with Forbes

Illumen Capital Managing Partner Daryn Dodson highlights SPARQ research finding racial bias in investments.
Daryn Dodson being interviewed by Forbes
Credit: Forbes / YouTube

In a conversation with Forbes, Illumen Capital Managing Partner Daryn Dodson highlighted SPARQ research finding that investors are less likely to invest in Black-led funds, despite their high performance. 

“Those that are preventing the flow of capital to people of color are desperately trying to do it against their own financial interest,” Dodson says. However, he shares a path forward, saying, “What gives me hope is that many of our investors and other large endowments are willing to examine their biases and look at their entire pools of capital and find and create new pathways to capital.” 

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Racial Bias Is Prevalent Among Investors, But Can Be Stopped | Forbes