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Jennifer Eberhardt’s TED Talk Goes Live and SPARQ Releases New Resource

Jennifer Eberhardt speaks at TED2020: Uncharted. To accompany her talk, we are also excited to share our new resource: Where Do We Go From Here? Insights from Social Science.

Jennifer Eberhardt speaks at TED2020: Uncharted about how we can use science to break down the societal and personal biases that unfairly target Black people. In her talk, Eberhardt says, “[The] association with blackness and crime…makes its way into all of our children, into all of us. Our minds are shaped by the racial disparities we see out in the world, and the narratives that help us to make sense of the disparities we see.” See her TED talk below.

To accompany the launch of her TED talk, SPARQ has also released a new resource: Where Do We Go From Here? Insights from Social Science. While recognizing the power of bias is necessary to confront it, its effects need not be inevitable. Social science can help provide critical insights, tools, and strategies to disrupt racial bias in all its forms. The resource offers a curated set of stories, science, and solutions to help people make sense of the current moment and begin to envision a path forward.

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