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Mikaela Spruill Interviewed on Opinion Science Podcast

Criminal Justice Postdoc Fellow Mikaela Spruill discusses her research on jury decision-making.
Mikaela Spruill on Opinion Science podcast
Credit: Andy Luttrell/Opinion Science

On the Opinion Science podcast, Criminal Justice Postdoc Fellow Mikaela Spruill discusses her work on jury decision-making in police use of force cases. She found that jurors’ backgrounds and experiences - from their race, to their contact with police officers, to their beliefs about whether the world is fair - impacted their perceptions of officers.

“This work highlights that we are not all operating at the same conception of what an officer is,” Spruill said. “Showing that these differences exist really does emphasize, what happens when we do bring all of these perspectives into the jury together? Would that lead us to more sound fact-finding or more equitable outcomes when it comes to the actual decisions that are being made?”


How Juries Decide with Mikaela Spruill | Opinion Science Podcast