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SPARQ Team & Affiliates Present at SPSP 2024

Across all three days of the Society for Personality & Social Psychology (SPSP) Annual Convention in San Diego, the SPARQ team and affiliates highlighted exciting new work!
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Credit: Society for Personality & Social Psychology 

Thursday, February 8 

Psych of Religion & Spirituality Preconference - Media Postdoc Ronda Lo 

Advances in Cultural Psych Preconference - Media Postdoc Ronda Lo & Faculty Affiliate Catherine Thomas 

Social Cognition Preconference - Faculty Affiliate Jordan Starck 

Computational Psych Preconference - Grad Affiliate Maggie Harrington 

Intervention Science Preconference - Faculty Affiliates Carol Dweck & Catherine Thomas 

Close Relationships Preconference - Former Grad Affiliate Ellen Reinhart & Faculty Affiliate Kiara Sanchez 

Conflict & Conflict Resolution Preconference - Faculty Affiliate Robb Willer 

And congratulations to Kengthsagn Louis who was recognized at the Awards Ceremony for the 2023 Heritage Dissertation Research Prize! 

Friday, February 9 

Anti-racism in Academia Panel - Criminal Justice Postdoc Mikaela Spruill 

Poster Session B - Media Postdoc Ronda Lo 

Poster Session C - Research Manager Julia Proshan & Grad Affiliate Maggie Harrington 

Interracial Relationships Symposium - Grad Affiliate Sakaria Auelua-Toomey 

Saturday, February 10

Humanizing Inequality Reduction Symposium - Faculty Affiliate Catherine Thomas 

Poster Session E - Grad Affiliate Clarissa Gutierrez 

Intergroup Disparities Symposium - Grad Affiliate Rachel Song