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Winter 2019 SPARQ RAs

SPARQlab teaches new generations of students about how psychology can help change the real world. SPARQlab RAs gain valuable research experience and mentoring, and go on to graduate school as well as diverse career paths sparqing change.

Research Assistant Activities

Research assistants provide very needed and valued assistance to the research process. As a research assistant, you will gain experience:

  1. Conducting literature reviews for a new or ongoing study.
  2. Designing and manipulating experimental stimuli for use in studies.
  3. Constructing and modifying surveys and studies with specialized computer programs (e.g. Qualtrics).
  4. Running lab studies and debriefing participants.
  5. Collecting, coding, or entering in data, and much more.

Research assistants also participate in weekly lab meetings to discuss psychological research, current events, research methods, and career development.

Research Assistant Requirements

Research assistants must be enrolled as undergraduate students at Stanford and are required to work for a minimum of two consecutive quarters. Many RAs stay on throughout their time at Stanford and may even pursue an Honors Thesis. During the academic calendar, RAs work 6 or 9 hours a week, which corresponds to 2 or 3 units of research credit. Stanford students who are eligible for federal work-study are also eligible to participate in the lab for payment.

Summer opportunities vary. SPARQ does not typically compensate research assistants over the summer; thus, we encourage interested students to apply via a summer research program such as PsychSummer (Stanford only), Leadership Alliance, or SPSP's Summer Program for Undergraduate Research. This year SPARQ is hosting a Summer Research Opportunity for undergraduate students and college graduates from academic institutions across the U.S.

Current Projects

  • Improving police-community relations
  • Fighting bias in online communities
  • Fighting bias with TV

How do I join SPARQ?

SPARQ is seeking undergraduate research assistants for the 2022 fall quarter! Stanford students interested in joining SPARQ should fill out this short 10-15-minute application by Friday, September 30th. More information about the position and contact information for questions can be found in the application.