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SPARQtools Expands With Toolkits for Stressing Less and Eating Better

October 03, 2018

SPARQ added two toolkits to SPARQtools that will help people make healthier food choices and improve how they experience stress.

Edgy Veggies
Rethinking Stress

The Edgy Veggies toolkit shows people how to create indulgent and fun descriptions of healthy foods that lead people to eat more of them. It is designed for restaurant managers, chefs, parents, and anyone else who makes decisions about other people's meals. Quartz, CNN, and Stanford News have reported on the research driving the toolkit.

The Rethinking Stress toolkit presents 11 videos that show people how to use stress to enhance their work and health. Students, workers, instructors, or managers can all benefit from its insights. The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal have covered the science behind the toolkit.

Edgy Veggies and Rethinking Stress include step-by-step instructions, activity materials, and change models, as well as validated measures and a basic platform for evaluating each toolkit's impact. They are two new toolkits from SPARQtools that focus on health issues.

Collaborators and funders include the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Culinary Institute of America, Menus of Change, Stanford University Residential & Dining Enterprises, the World Resources Institute Better Buying Lab, Stanford Diversity Cabinet, Stanford Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, and Stanford Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.

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