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Taking a Knee or Not, Here Are 6 Ways to Tackle Prejudice

September 28, 2017

Amid the talk about National Football League players kneeling during the American national anthem, the larger discussion about the day-to-day treatment of African Americans may be getting diluted, The New York Timesnotes. Regardless of which way the national conversation shifts, you can tackle daily discrimination in your own life with these six methods from the SPARQ Solutions Catalog:
1. Get different friends: Connect with people outside your racial group to feel more comfortable interacting with them.
2. Mix it up: Add varied and distinct individuals to your representations of a group of people to stop "they're all the same" thinking.
3. Attack your assumptions: Play a game that disrupts the connections that some people make between violence and Blacks.
4. Pressure your peers: Use people's desire to conform to unite them against prejudice. 
5. Read Harry Potter: Studies show that reading passages about prejudice against non-wizards in the famous fiction books helps boost empathy.
6. Harness hypocrisy: If people are saying they believe one thing, but they don't show these values in their actions, you can change their attitudes by pointing out those discrepancies.
Before diving in, note that these methods may not work in every situation. But in many cases, they can help undercut racial disparities.