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Contribute to the Catalog

Do you have an intervention to add to the Solutions Catalog? Please use the comment fields below to describe your intervention. Kindly note that the Solutions Catalog includes only interventions that at least one randomized controlled trial has proven effective.

SPARQ will contact you if your submission is accepted. All submissions accepted for publication will be edited before posting. 

What real-world problem will this intervention help solve? How big a problem is it? Aim for 25 words or fewer.
How would you describe your intervention to a clever eighth-grader? Aim for 25 words or fewer.
How did researchers test this intervention? What did they find? Focus on the most important conditions of the study and the most striking outcomes. Aim for 200 words or fewer.
Describe the social psychological mechanism(s) (i.e., the mediator(s)) that drive(s) this effect. Aim for 150 words or fewer.
List the psychological states, demographic characteristics, or geographic locations in or for which this intervention is likely to work best. Also list conditions under which this intervention is known not to work. Aim for 150 words or fewer.
Kindly provide links to non-proprietary or open-access versions of the original study, replications, and media coverage. No limit. Go nuts!
Choose the problem area(s) this intervention addresses from the Solutions Catalog menu.
Choose which age groups this intervention targets from the Solutions Catalog menu.
List the psychological processes that drive this effect, e.g., social learning, self-affirmation, conformity, etc.
Please give us at least your last name. We'd also love to know your first name, title, and affiliation, if you were willing to share these details. We will keep them confidential.