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SPARQShop Builds Tools to Share Social Psych

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December 12, 2016

SPARQ is pleased to announce we're teaching a course next quarter on building tools to disseminate psychological research. 

The SPARQShop: A Studio for Designing Social Psychological Tools

Tuesday and Thursdays from 10:30-11:50 am in Green Earth Sciences room 134; 
3 credits with letter grade; 180A (Undergrad; sophomores and above) and 283A (Grad); 
Instructors: Alana Conner, Sarah Lyons-Padilla, and Hazel Markus 
Space is limited, and instructor permission is required. 
Email Ellen Reinhart ( for more details. 

Course Description

Undergraduate and graduate students will work in teams to design, build, test, and distribute online toolkits that help practitioners solve real-world problems by applying social science. Graduate students can build toolkits for their own research. Students will learn how to assess the needs of practitioner audiences; write text, design graphics, and program activities for these audiences; prepare, deliver, and produce a TED-style online video; design surveys in Qualtrics; and build and user-test the toolkit. Readings and class discussions will include modules on design thinking, storytelling, science writing, information design, and impact evaluation. For an example of a toolkit, please visit