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Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice that Shapes What We See, Think, and Do By Jennifer Eberhardt

From one of the world’s leading experts on unconscious racial bias, a personal examination of one of the central controversies and culturally powerful issues of our time, and its influence on contemporary race relations and criminal justice. In Biased, with a perspective that is at once scientific, investigative, and informed by personal experience, Jennifer Eberhardt offers us insights into the dilemma and a path forward.

Clash!: How to Thrive in a Multicultural World By Hazel Rose Markus and Alana Conner

As our planet gets smaller, cultural conflicts are becoming fiercer. Rather than lamenting our multicultural worlds, Hazel Rose Markus and Alana Conner reveal how we can leverage our differences to mend the rifts in our workplaces, schools, and relationships, as well as on the global stage. Provocative, witty, and painstakingly researched, Clash! not only explains who we are, it also envisions who we could become.

Bias and Culture

Neural Adaptation to Faces Reveals Racial Outgroup Homogeneity Effects in Early Perception. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. By Brent Hughes, Nicholas Camp, Jesse Gomez, Vaidehi Natu, Kalanit Grill-Spector, and Jennifer Eberhardt

 Criminal Justice

Detecting Institutional Dialog Acts in Police Traffic Stops. Transactions of the Association of Computational Linguistics. By Vinodkumar Prabhakaran, Camilla Griffiths, Hang Su, Prateek Verma, Nelson Morgan, Jennifer Eberhardt, and Dan Jurafsky

Principled Policing: A Path to Building Better Police-Community Relations. By Sarah Lyons-Padilla, MarYam Hamedani, Hazel Rose Markus, and Jennifer Eberhardt

Language from Police Body Camera Footage Shows Racial Disparities in Officer Respect. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. By Rob Voigt, Nicholas Camp, Vinodkumar Prabhakaran, William Hamilton, Rebecca Hetey, Camilla Griffiths, David Jurgens, Dan Jurafsky, and Jennifer Eberhardt

Read more about the data analyses and code used in this paper.

Principled Policing: Procedural Justice and Implicit Bias Training. By Sarah Lyons-Padilla, Hazel Rose Markus, and Jennifer Eberhardt

 Economic Mobility

Race Influences Professional Investors’ Financial Judgments. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. By Sarah Lyons-Padilla, Hazel Rose Markus, Ashby Monk, Sid Radhakrishna, Radhika Shah, Norris "Daryn" Dodson IV, and Jennifer Eberhardt

Measuring Mobility from Poverty. By Gregory Acs, Amrita Maitreyi, Alana Conner, Hazel Rose Markus, Nisha Patel, Sarah Lyons-Padilla, and Jennifer Eberhardt


The Dynamic Nature of Student Discipline and Discipline Disparities. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. By Sean Darling-Hammond, Michael Ruiz, Jennifer Eberhardt, and Jason Okonofua

Golarai et al. (2020)

The Development of Race Effects in Face Processing From Childhood Through Adulthood: Neural and Behavioral Evidence. Developmental Science. By Golijeh Golarai, Dara Ghahremani, Anders Greenwood, John Gabrieli, and Jennifer Eberhardt 

Community Safety Initiative Summer Internship Program. By MarYam Hamedani, Amrita Maitreyi, Rebecca Hetey, and Sheryl Evans Davis


Physical Workplaces and Human Well-Being: A Mixed-Methods Study to Quantify the Effects of Materials, Windows, and Representation on Biobehavioral Outcomes. Building and Environment. By Isabella Douglas, Elizabeth Murnane, Lucy Zhang Bencharit, Basma Altaf, Jean Marcel dos Reis Costa, Jackie Yang, Meg Ackerson, Charu Srivastava, Michael Cooper, Kyle Douglas, Jennifer King, Pablo Paredes, Nicholas Camp, Matthew Louis Mauriello, Nicole Ardoin, Hazel Rose Markus, James Landay, and Sarah Billington

Nutritional Analysis of Foods and Beverages Depicted in Top-Grossing US Movies, 1994-2018. JAMA Internal Medicine. By Bradley Turnwald, Isaac Handley-Minder, Natalie Samuels, Hazel Rose Markus, and Alia Crum