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SPARQ Health Director Crum Discusses Mindsets at the World Economic Forum (Video)

SPARQ's director of health, Alia Crum, explained the origins of mindsets and their effect on people's physical health in her talk.

SPARQ Health Director Alia Crum gave her talk, "The science of how mindset transforms the human experience," at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January 2018. She explained the origins of mindsets, their effect on people's physical health, and the power of placebos.

Crum leads SPARQ's health program, which includes a project to examine the diversity of health mindsets among socioeconomic and ethnic groups. The SPARQ Solutions Catalog features her research showing that people who think about the benefits of stress can improve their response to it. The Association for Psychological Science named her a 2017 Rising Star.

Image via World Economic Forum