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The SPARQ Solutions Catalog is an online library of scientifically tested fixes to a wide variety of social issues and conflicts.

Easily searchable and practitioner-focused, it provides a curated set of evidence-based behavioral nudges in education, health, law & justice, peace & conflict, relationships, parenting, and the environment.

Civil Society Conflict Resolution Criminal Justice Economic Development Education Environment  Health Parenting Relationships Bias

Mixed-race women's volleyball team

Problem: People from different cultural groups often dislike and discriminate against one another.

Solution: When people from different social groups think of each other as belonging to one larger group, they like each other more.

Problem: Although Black men make up only 6% of the U.S. population, they are the victims of 40% of unarmed fatal police shootings. 

Solution: Training people not to rely on Black stereotypes can save lives.

Cartoon of a racially diverse jury

Problem: Racial disparities in the justice system disproportionately affect Black people.

Solution: Juries make better decisions when they’re racially diverse.

Seeing Diversity Lessens Discrimination

A poster of people's faces with the caption: "What makes us the that we are all different."

Problem: Prejudice and discrimination make life hard for many people around the world.

Solution: Showing that other groups are made up of diverse individuals reduces prejudice and discrimination.