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The SPARQ Solutions Catalog is an online library of scientifically tested fixes to a wide variety of social issues and conflicts.

Easily searchable and practitioner-focused, it provides a curated set of evidence-based behavioral nudges in education, health, law & justice, peace & conflict, relationships, parenting, and the environment.

Civil Society Conflict Resolution Criminal Justice Economic Development Education Environment  Health Parenting Relationships Bias


Problem: People from different social groups tend to fear and mistrust one another.

Solution: Teaming up as equals and collaborating towards a common goal reduces prejudice between people with different backgrounds.

Problem: Negative emotions feed intolerance, which can harm relations between groups.

Solution: Taking a detached perspective dampens bad feelings and increases tolerance for the other side.

Mixed-race women's volleyball team

Problem: People from different cultural groups often dislike and discriminate against one another.

Solution: When people from different social groups think of each other as belonging to one larger group, they like each other more.

Two people in suits riding up escalator

Problem: People sometimes lie to get ahead.

Solution: Adding moral quotes to e-mail signatures primes recipients to act more honestly.

Tip jar at a bar

Problem: Employees in the service industry often feel emotionally drained.

Solution: Emotional management techniques and diary-writing improve employee performance on the job and lead to better tips from customers.

Teacher sitting in front of classroom full of students

Problem: School suspensions set students up to enter the school-to-prison pipeline, leading to unemployment and incarceration later in life (Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology).

Solution: Taking an empathetic, rather than punitive, approach to classroom discipline reduces suspensions and improves student-teacher relationships. 

Problem: We are often uneasy around people of other races.

Solution: Befriending just one person of a different race lowers anxiety and prejudice and makes it easier to cross racial boundaries in the future.

Problem: People with low self-esteem feel less love from their partners and have more trouble in relationships.   

Solution: Teaching people with low self-esteem to interpret their partner’s compliments as deep and enduring, rather than as shallow and fleeting, helps them feel loved and act better in their relationships.

Letter that reads: "Dear Hohn, It has been some time since you were here at the hospital, and we hope...

Problem: Suicide is a leading cause of death, and it is notoriously difficult to prevent.

Solution: Regularly receiving letters from a caring person helps people at risk for committing suicide feel connected and stay alive.

A couple arguing in a park

Problem: People usually become less satisfied with their marriages over time. And the unhappier the marriage, the unhealthier the spouses.

Solution: When spouses imagine what a neutral third party would think during their fights, they protect their love and commitment.